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New York State Fall Foliage Driving Tours

See the colors this fall in New York State! As a chill creeps into the air, leaves throughout the state begin to change from green to beautiful shades of yellow, orange, red, and purple. One of the best ways to experience the foliage for yourself is to take a scenic driving tour. Below, you'll find suggested routes through some of the state's most popular (and gorgeous) leaf peeping regions. Plan ahead to make sure you incorporate stops for food and gas along the way!

Explore the scenic roads of the Adirondacks and witness one of the earlier peak foliage periods in the state.
Discover the beauty of the Catskills region in the southern part of New York State and along the Pennsylvania border.
Fall colors are especially beautiful when reflected in a body of water! See for yourself when you drive through the Finger Lakes region.
The winding country roads and expansive tracts of farmland in Washington County make it a natural hotspot for scenic views.