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We in the events calendar or events outside the region.

To advertise your meeting or class, or an event from outside the region on please contact Valleri James at 518-935-3209.

Examples of Allowed Events

What is and isn’t considered an event can be confusing. Here is how we define this: Weekly or monthly regularly recurring meetings are not events. (Examples include book clubs, membership meetings, board meetings, etc.) Weekly or monthly regularly recurring classes are not events. (Examples include reiki, yoga, or fitness classes.) For the events calendar, we are defining events as special events outside of a business or organization’s regularly-offered activities.


Yoga classes

Reiki classes

Book Clubs

Weekly storytime at a library

Monthly committee or membership meetings

Events in a location that is outside of the region


A semi-annual Open House/Membership Drive

One-off or Annual Fundraising Events

A Fitness Festival with multiple participants

A job fair with multiple participants

A visiting author or special guest giving a lecture

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