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Ready for a fun-filled stay in the Lake George area you'll never forget?

The Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park is a 200-room family suite lodge with Lake George resorts style, featuring a humongous indoor water park with attractions designed to make every age group smile. 

The Lodge offers an excellent location nestled among the foothills of the Adirondacks and Lake George.  From the moment you walk in to the rustically elegant Adirondack-inspired lobby, to the moment you reluctantly check-out, you will appreciate all the great amenities this four-story kid-friendly resort in the Adirondacks provides. Plan an Adirondack getaway the whole family will love!  Along with easy access to the nearby Great Escape theme park, you'll love the roomy suites designed to comfortably accommodate groups from four to twelve. You'll also enjoy fun kids activities, a variety of dining options including a full-service Johnny Rockets open 7 days a week, a Sports Lounge and much, much more.

The Six Flags Great Escape Lodge offers a Kids Klub package filled with fun activities your children will love!

The splash-filled indoor water park, White Water Bay, is a destination of its own, and features a variety of thrills for all ages, from the youngest toddler to the oldest guest in your group. Click here to see more activties available at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge.

We know you'll love our location near Lake George NY, hotel suite luxury with Adirondack Lodge ambiance, and all the activities we have to offer. 

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6 reviews from our community

My family and I just checked out of this hotel yesterday and we were very unhappy with our stay. I'm not the type that usually complains or leaves reviews, but after all the money I spent on this stay I feel that I have too. With how much this hotel cost to stay, you would think that it would be perfect from head to toe. However when we first arrived I was so disgusted at how dirty the place was. It looked like the hallway floors have never been vacuumed before. Even the door to our room looked run down. It was dirty and had paint chipped off all over.  Then when we got in the room the floors were dirty in there too and obviously had not been vacuumed. There was also no lights, other than a few dim lamps so I couldnt really get any pictures of how disgusting it was. The sink was clogged and the water wouldn't go down. The toilet and bathtub had hair all over them. The beds were uncomfortably and only had sheets for a blanket. The pull out sofa bed had a smelly used pillow and sheet stuffed inside that was obviously not washed. The room was rated to sleep 6 people, but only 4 can stay. If you have 6 people like the room is rated to sleep, then an extra $50 per extra person is added to you bill.
I ended up deciding that we would just stick it out and stay anyways since we drove a long time to get there and since we were only staying one night and my kids were so excited for the water park.  So I brought in a pack of travel clorox wipes that I just happen to luckily have in my car and I cleaned the room up the best that I could. However, the next morning I was just completely over it and wanted to go home. We found out that there was no complimentary breakfast. With how expensive this place is to stay, there should at least be a cheap basic breakfast included. But not here. The only way to eat breakfast here, is to pay over $15 - $20 per person. After spending a fortune on breakfast, I went back to the room to take a shower. In the shower I was so disgusted. There was soap scumm all over the walls and mold all over the bottom half of the shower curtain. I quickly jumped out of the shower and when I did, I slipped and fell because the floor was flooded with water. This was because the shower curtain was so short, it was hardly long enough to stop water from going outside of the tub. The Hotel was not the only problem with our trip either. With our stay at the hotel, admission to the great escape theme park was included. Within the first 20 minutes of being there (and after spending another fortune for different types of passes and unlimited drink cups), I was kicked out of the park and escorted out by security. We were treated like criminals, humiliated, and my children traumatized all in front of hundreds of people and only because I was trying to take a picture of my 8 year daughter on her first roller coaster ride and I was supposeably in an area that nobody was suppose to be. Which, it didnt look like an area I couldnt stand at, it was not blocked off, and no signs saying anything. Security could have just politely come to me and say sorry ma'am you can't stand there, please move. No, they came up to me and said I had to leave. I was just shocked. I tried to apologize and explain that I didnt know I was doing anything wrong and that I wouldnt do it again. They said it didn't matter and that they have a no tolerance policy, they don't give warnings, and they dont have to put up any type of signs. So my question is how was I or anyone else suppose to know that people can't be in a certain area if they can't give warnings, the area is not blocked off, and there are no signs? It was just completely unfair and kind of harsh. Then seeing my kids crying and watching their mother being kicked out over trying to take a picture, just completely broke my heart. Another thing while all this was going on, one security guard said to the other security guard something about my son being autistic. Which he is not and I didn't say anything of the sort to this guard, but even if that was the case and if my son was autistic, what the heck would that had mattered. Finally I was just so frustrated and upset, as we were being escorted out I kept threatening to post what had happened all over social media. Then right as we approached the exit, one of the security guards said to hang on one moment. When she returned, she said "we dont usually do this, but we are going to let you stay". At the time I was so thankful that they were letting me stay and I didnt want to see my kids hurting anymore, I just said thank you and we went on way to try to enjoy the rest of our visit there. However, now that I have had a chance to think about it, why did they put me through all that emotional stress and humiliation when in the end they just let me stay. Everything could have been avoided, if they just simply informed me that I was doing something wrong and asked me to not do it again. Or did they only let me stay in the end because I threatened to share everything that happened on social media?? Do they have something to hide?? I mostly just said it all out of anger and frustration and I know for sure that even if I had shared my experience on multiple social media platforms it wouldn't stop many people from going. So I'm curious now. Why would my threat mattered enough for them to let me stay. I can't see it being for any other reason, because before that there was no "if's, and's, or but's" I had to leave and that was that. Anyways, after being able to continue our visit at the park, it just wasn't the same. We tried so hard to have fun and to just try to enjoy it, but what happened prior to that just ruined it for my family. None of us wanted to be there anymore. My son refused to go on most of the rides after that. I don't think we will ever stay at the hotel or visit Great Escape ever again.

This has bother me for some time now!!
Hello Everyone!!

We arrived on Sunday 7/15/18 party of 7. We were first greeted by trash on the ground ( front entrance) and all trash bins in front of building over flowing with trash. Then we got to our room and there was food all over the bedroom floor and 1 bed, wall decorations half damaged and kind of hanging on, also air conditioner was and still is leaking all over rug. We went to front desk but Julie was busy so we went back up to room and called front desk and asked for someone to come vacuum, we waited an hour in our dirty room, then we went to look for a vacuum (at kids zone) to do it ourselves but unfortunately they wouldn't let us. TWO hours later we again went to front desk to ask for a vacuum and told them about air conditioner. Donald came up 15 minutes later to vacuum. This might not matter to a company that generates 1.3 billion in revenue. But to a family that spent over a $1300.00 it does. This is considered the busy season correct? In closing I'm writing this at 4am not because I'm an early bird but because the beds are caving in.
This Brand is not being protected!!!

Thanks for your time
Hospitality Management Graduate

The room smelled really bad when we first walked in. Housekeeping doesn’t know how to clean or make beds. They didn’t change the sheets during our stay, and my pillow case had the same black stain the whole time. The shower had hair from previous guests. Gross! The toilet seat was crooked/loose and it felt like you were about the fall off when you sat on it. My mom found a huge roach in the bathroom. It’s so dirty, not worth the $510 for two nights (bought it off of groupon)

Awful guest services. No towels clean at pool ever.

Came to your lodge for an overnight stay,April22-23. Who ever own this business should be ashamed. My family an I had a good two hour wait to check in. 2 hours!!!!!! I've never ever experienced this with any other resort traveling. I have my 3 granddaughters with me,, and they where eager to enter the swim area. As our room we're not ready yet, we took the girls bathing suites out so they didn't have to wait any longer. Rooms were supposed to be ready by 4:00, but I was told probably not until 5:30. I can maybe understand the delay, but being told I had to wait in the line again, I was very upset.Ithen ask to women at the desk where can we hold our luggage and was told they don't hold luggage and I should put in back in my car. Are you kidding me!!!! After becoming upset with how this whole processe was going, they did find a room to hold it.
That's just check in. Out room had mold all around the floor in the bathroom. When having breakfast the next day on the 4th floor, the room that your good was in was in a room the size of a descent size bathroom. Of course with everyone wanted to get their foot, it was very crazy, and people just kept coming in, making very very hard for my family to get food. When I made the reservation I paid extra to have this breakfast, thinking we would have at the very least,a sit down breakfast.
The fees you charge for additional activities, such as the water board activity, the wand activity game, is just not fair. I have been to Disney world twice, and in no way were there any extra charges for activities in our hotel.
In closing I hope people are reading your review section and the twice about coming to you resort.
I myself will never come there ever again. Ever. And will make sure my family and friends know to never visit.

I booked the holiday weekend for Friday night and Saturday night just about $1,000 for the whole package on Saturday morning I had a spa day with my daughter. I was charged $246 that was fine. On Sunday I check my checking account and I found that I was charged three nights. What had happened was at the spa I said to charge it to my room. That’s where they charged me $820 for one night my $240 spa price and a $50 room deposit or something like that in it is refundable. I contacted the front desk they told me that the $820 was limbo. It was not in my checking account it was not in their account. It was in cyberspace. So far I have been charged over $1,800 for Friday night and Saturday night leaving Sunday morning. I was on the fourth floor which included a complimentary breakfast. The front desk told me they would give me free breakfast for their error. I had $80 left in my checking account. I could not get my children any souvenirs or gas for my ride home. I did ask for them to leave my account open and charge souvenirs on tomorrow but they told me they could not do that and the gift shop did not participate with gift cards. So my family was screwed out of a vacation because my children had to see me and my fiance very upset because the lodge has $550 that they cannot refund me until Monday when the banks are open they are not sure if the money is going to be refunded into my account or they’re going to have to do a manual refund. But wait it gets better, they offered savings booklet for the area malls, what am I going to buy with $80 that’s left in my checking account?? So let’s do a room review. We could not lock our bathroom door they didn’t know it was broken. When out in the hallway the whole floor smells like marijuana. The room itself was mediocre the divider between the two sleeping areas was covered in dust that was the only thing I could find wrong with the room besides the door knob in the bathroom. Every Hotel employee that I have came across was excellent. The night front desk man was superb. The ladies I had to deal with on Sunday morning were following protocol but she did try to accommodate but in my eyes a free breakfast when I had already gotten the free breakfast was not substantial to my troubles for that day. I hope my issues get resolved Monday.

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