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This beautiful Saratoga Springs hotel and wonderful gourmet restaurant is located near the famed Saratoga racetrack. Just a short driving distance from town, discover amazing rooms & suites, excellent food, great wine list and a wonderful ambiance.

Longfellows Restaurant is a comfortably elegant getaway just minutes from the charm and excitement of Saratoga Springs. Offering exquisite dining at Longfellows Restaurant, you'll find the perfect setting for a weekend getaway or the most lavish of events. Count on Longfellows to create a choice of getaway packages designed to pamper and spoil you...plan a romantic dining experience enhanced by the finest wine choices, or plan a never-to-be-forgotten wedding from ceremony to honeymoon. Off-site catering for luncheons, parties, reunions, meetings, off-site weddings and any type of event.

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So here’s my experience at Longfellow’s I booked the romance package deal It was 295 I was going to stay two nights I’ll get champagne on arrival cold champagne chilled champagne on arrival and chocolates on arrival and a voucher for two up to $90 at the restaurant.Excluding alcohol and tip it was only for food They charged me $115 for deposit online which is fine I paid that. I called ahead before check in to pay the remaining balance of like 180 or 190 I can’t remember which one but yeah I paid that so I wouldn’t have to pay anything else and I have enough to worry about. I talked to Paige who is the receptionist at a time and she had told me that the only thing I would have to pay for on check out was the taxes and if there was any overages on the restaurant dinner bill from the night before over the $90 OK that’s fine that’s great I asked her how much will the taxes be for the whole stay how much they usually go for and she’s like $30 OK that’s fine I can pay that and check out. Also they took a deposit and it will be back on when you check out you pay your taxes. come to find out the room that was available at the time wasn’t available or some thing and I switched rooms so we switch rooms and got a different room room 206 which is OK it was hard to find had to drive around the parking lot a couple times to find the entrance to get into it because it’s in the other building where the restaurant is located . we get into the room the room of course with anything doesn’t look as good as it does on the videos I bring my girl and I show her the champagne which was warm in water chocolates I could’ve bought at Stewart’s down the road. the room was nice but lackluster. Also, I called and told Paige I was gonna check in around 9 it was gonna be a late check in on Friday so we weren’t gonna be able to have dinner that night can we have it for Saturday night she said yes I’ll make the voucher for you for Saturday. So I’m like great this is gonna be our weekend wake up will have a continental breakfast which was included in the price and everything and then tomorrow night during the day will go to Saratoga walk around your house and go down downtown be great come back to the hotel have candle light romantic dinner as advertised. ...have a relaxing night in the Jacuzzi everything is going to be great ..... so Saturday evening I make the phone call to reserve a spot at the restaurant for dinner come to find out a guy on the phone I didn’t get his name he says the restaurant is not taking reservations but you can order it to your room ......really? So I broke it to my girlfriend that we were staying in for the night the whole point of coming out is going to get dinner and all that so I’m a little tickedSo we order food that took about an hour to get it you could tell the food is been sitting out for a minute because it was dry and a little cold wasn’t that fresh the food though was amazing. if I had to eat the food in the restaurant fresh from the kitchen it would’ve been amazing flavors were great everything was great the hostess took my order great she was courteous and attentive they did forget my silverware am Our drink but she brought it right back up so that was taken care of. So Sunday morning I wake up early go to check out and the gentleman that was at the counter says yes your card was the Declined for $160 and we’re gonna need payment for that. No no. No all I would have to pay is the $30 taxes because I didn’t go over on my voucher I shouldn’t have any other charges what are the charges for why “you stayed an extra night no I stayed for two nights “because that’s what they charged me $100 a night and the extra difference between 295 was the romance package. I explained I don’t have 160 I don’t know what to tell I can pay the taxes that it like I was billed for originally. Phone rings the clerk says ok we will handle it on our end. I ask ok do you want me to pay the taxes he said no . Ok I will notify my bank and dispute all the charges. So wake up from a nap Sunday around 2In the afternoon from the Saratoga Police Department regarding my stay at Longfellow’s come to find out him that I need to pay the outstanding balance and I’m gonna be charged with a misdemeanor of theft of services are you kidding me. I explain what happened to the officer show him proof email him my receipts of them charging me for two nights $230 then he looks at it on the website he sees what the discrepancy is he understands my point of view . he understands their point but he can’t do nothing but follow through with the charges .. but if they wanna press charges they can do so I just have to do my job and follow through with that understandable not mad at you I can’t believe this is what you have to do is waste your time on so I agree to pay the 120 or whatever the charge is In a week. So in order to avoid a criminal charge I have to pay the 120 and then disputed through my bank or courts this was my anniversary weekend this was the romance package that I got from them. Welcome to Saratoga Springs.

See my review on long fellows fb page horrible! Do not support

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