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3647 Lake Shore Drive
Lake George, NY 12845


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I would definitely not recommend staying here anymore....since the new owners have taken over Hillview has not had the same friendly atmosphere where the employer and employees are family and in laws have been vacationing in lake george since the 60s ...when great escape was just story town and when the lone bull stayed opened for breakfast lunch and recent visit went like yrs previous, nothing changing on my families end ..the only changes made was on who owns and runs Hillview . ...4 separate times I was told by the same employee how she was having trouble helping me due to it being her 1st day on the job, well I'm pretty sure as far as counting goes even tho u may be a "new emoloyee" you can still only have "1 first day on the job". ..then by another employee who is related to the owner not only said my next yr reservation was in the computer but told me that j could drop off a deposit in person if I choose to do so....mind u, the only reason i asked this employee, her name being kaitlyn, was due to the fact that I not only sent 2 installments in the form of checks but every time I called they either did not pick up, and when I called with a blocked number they answered and would say they would call back due to Internet issues but to no avail, they never calked back.. there for I drove 2 1/2 to 3 hrs to drop off a deposit cuz I was told by Kaitlyn that my checks might have been lost ...the sad part is, I never met people that have no common decency nor the balls to tell me too my face or over the phone that there's an issue, for almost 2 months I have been dicked around via phone cuz they just couldn't be I needed to drive practically 3 hrs upstate to finally get someone, more specifically tom, to finally return a phone call and berate my mother, not even me, who was sitting in my truck in their parking lot cuz I was told to wait for kaitlyn or tom and that the office closes at 5 so make sure I would be back before they close . ...tom then threatened that he could take money from my family, conversation recorded mind u, because we supposedly trashed the room, the same room we have been staying in for over ten yrs, 6 of those yrs was with the same dogs that have always been brought, they accused of the place being trashed yet I have pics of how it was left. ..this is not my 1st rodeo, just saying, and went on to say about pee everywhere, yet I personally mopped the floors before I left and unfortunately dogs will pee regardless of how little or how long u walk them when it comes to not only bringing them to unfamiliar surroundings but surroundings where there's scents from other people and other dogs, it's called marking their territory all dogs whether fixed or not will do time be an adult, run your business like you own it and grow balls, be honest, don't avoid phone calls cuz u have caller ID but pick up seconds later cuz I blocked my number, don't keep saying it's your 1st day or Karen who I made my reservations with in the first place who had access to records now all of a sudden has no access and tells me to drive back down Friday when manager amanda returns from vacation and lastly don't take check after check from me even tho I'm no longer welcome at your facility...what where u all planning, to continue to take my checks and when I showed up for vacation say surprise drive back home...shame on you all ...deceitful disrespectful and just outright dishonorable . ... Events

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